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Different Glances

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A View of Taishan

With what can I compare the Great Peak?
Over the surrounding provinces,
its blue-green hue never dwindles from sight.
Infused by the Shaper of Forms with the soaring power of divinity,
Shaded and sunlit, its slopes divide night from day.
Breast heaving as I climb towards the clouds,
Eyes straining to follow birds flying home, Someday I shall reach its peerless summit,
And behold all mountains in a single glance.

Tu Fu, T’ang Dynasty, China


Author: travelingmunchkins

Let's go surfing! ;) Route (more or less): 1. South America: Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia 2. Asia: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam 3. North & Middle America: USA, Mexico, Cuba, Canada 4. Africa: Kenia, Tanzania, Zanzibar 5. Middle East: Turkey 6. Australia: Final Destination

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