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Australian Helpfulness

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Sleeping in a campervan, especially if you do it wherever it pleases you, has its own challenges…
Fortunately, the Australians are very keen in helping you out:

During the day

While standing in beachfront spots, locals come and warn you of the rangers / police patroling
at night and handing out tickets for overnight parking or camping. They provide you with spots or streets, where you can spend the night without problems, and wish you a great day. Grade: A

Local people come and invite you to their home or to stand in their driveways for as long as you like and charge you car battery, use the bathrooms and whatnot. Making friends on the spot has never been easier! Grade: AAA

Other campers come over to your van and tell you about good night spots. Grade: A

During the night

Rangers come and tell you nicely, that you cannot park here. They provide you with an address, where you can do so and wish you a good night. They also tell you: “There is another ranger around, his name is Tony. If he bothers you, tell him, I send you!” Grade: A

The police comes to check on you. They tell you, you can stay here, but they wouldn’t recommend it due to safety issues. Then they provide you with the exact address of a parking lot, where it is secure, and wish you a good night. Grade: A

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