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Duke’s Day – 100 years of Australian Surfing

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Awesome to be part of Surfing History: Duke’s Day “100 surfers for 100 years of Australian Surfing” on January 10, 2015 ! Though there were slightly over 200 keen beans… Can you find Franzi and me?

Duke's Day Dawn 2015 with participants

First time in forever that we got to see the sunrise…

Duke's Day 100 Sunrise

Duke's Day 100 for 100

As we were busy being in the pictures ourselves, please find the original source of the previous 2 photos at &


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Let's go surfing! ;) Route (more or less): 1. South America: Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia 2. Asia: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam 3. North & Middle America: USA, Mexico, Cuba, Canada 4. Africa: Kenia, Tanzania, Zanzibar 5. Middle East: Turkey 6. Australia: Final Destination

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