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Two beavers are better than one

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Cultural differences + Working at the Zoo = Hilarious

Franzi is booking a meeting room at the Zoo, and asks a colleague if the room has a beamer.
Her colleague goes: “A beaver? Yes of course, there is one.”
A bit confused, Franzi takes a look into the room.
And indeed, there is a beaver (you know, furry guy, big teeth).
She returns to her colleague: “There is a beaver in the room. But I need a beamer!”
Her colleague replies: “A beamer? You mean like a BMW?”

And that, mi amigos, is what you call a “false friend” in the linguistic department, more precisely a pseudo-anglicism. As it turns out, a “beamer” in German is a video projector, while here it is slang for a BMW motor bike (just like the German term for mobile or cell phone is “handy”). The more you know…

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