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The only cocktail recipe you’ll ever need

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“One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, and four of weak.”

If you find yourself trying to make a cocktail, but don’t know the ratio of the ingredients (and are too drunk to google it)…

One of my passions are cocktails. I was a bartender during in university, which by the way, to date is the best job I ever had: Getting drunk, meeting girls AND being paid for it. Awesome!

Anyway, I kept making drinks as a hobby (much to the delight of everyone around me) and as I stumble over new recipes once in a while that are worth remembering, I decided to make it a new category in our blog. Basically my own online bar menu.

Today after a nice surf, I looked for an afternoon cocktail, and found this little nugget (plus it is a good example for the “universal recipe”):

Coco-Jello Loco

1cl lemon juice
2cl coconut syrup
3cl watermelon liqueur
4cl Vodka


I put in a bit more lemon and reduced the amount of Coconut syrup, but a very nice drink for those who daydream of tropical beaches, and much like me, like a girly drink once in a while…

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