Traveling Munchkins

Traveling? – That's obvious. Why Munchkins? – Why not? ;)

It’s not a Race, damnit!

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One day after the birth, I could pick up my two ladies from the hospital and take them home! And what a great job I did!

So we left the hospital while fanfares were sounding in the background, accompanying the exodus of the fellowship of the ring to Minas Tirith, a journey transcending space and time!

Well, the reality might have looked a bit different though…

I was doing a mind-blowing 10.5km per hour on the mean streets of Manly, when Franzi said: You know what, André? How about I take the baby and walk home, and you follow us with the car?




Author: travelingmunchkins

Let's go surfing! ;) Route (more or less): 1. South America: Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia 2. Asia: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam 3. North & Middle America: USA, Mexico, Cuba, Canada 4. Africa: Kenia, Tanzania, Zanzibar 5. Middle East: Turkey 6. Australia: Final Destination

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