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Traveling? – That's obvious. Why Munchkins? – Why not? ;)

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It’s not a Race, damnit!

One day after the birth, I could pick up my two ladies from the hospital and take them home! And what a great job I did!

So we left the hospital while fanfares were sounding in the background, accompanying the exodus of the fellowship of the ring to Minas Tirith, a journey transcending space and time!

Well, the reality might have looked a bit different though…

I was doing a mind-blowing 10.5km per hour on the mean streets of Manly, when Franzi said: You know what, André? How about I take the baby and walk home, and you follow us with the car?




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Two beavers are better than one

Cultural differences + Working at the Zoo = Hilarious

Franzi is booking a meeting room at the Zoo, and asks a colleague if the room has a beamer.
Her colleague goes: “A beaver? Yes of course, there is one.”
A bit confused, Franzi takes a look into the room.
And indeed, there is a beaver (you know, furry guy, big teeth).
She returns to her colleague: “There is a beaver in the room. But I need a beamer!”
Her colleague replies: “A beamer? You mean like a BMW?”

And that, mi amigos, is what you call a “false friend” in the linguistic department, more precisely a pseudo-anglicism. As it turns out, a “beamer” in German is a video projector, while here it is slang for a BMW motor bike (just like the German term for mobile or cell phone is “handy”). The more you know…

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Franzi organisiert ein Meeting im Zoo, und braucht dafür einen Beamer.
Sie fragt eine Kollegin: “Gibt es in dem Raum einen Beamer?”
Diese antwortet: “Einen Biber? Ja, natürlich.”
Franzi ist daraufhin ein wenig verwirrt, und begibt sich in den Raum. Und siehe da, dort ist tatsächlich ein Biber. Ausgestopft, aber immerhin.
Sie kehrt zu ihrer Kollegin zurück und meint: “Da ist ein Biber. Ich brauch aber einen Beamer!”
Und ihre Kollegin: “Ein Beamer? Du meinst einen BMW?”
Wie sich herausstellt, bedeutet Beamer hier eben nicht Videoprojektor, sondern ist Umgangssprache für ein BMW Motorrad. Wieder was gelernt! Beamer ist nämlich ein sogenannter “falscher Freund”, wie wir Sprachwissenschaftler zu sagen pflegen, genauso wie Handy im Englischen eben auch nicht Handy, sondern “Mobile” oder “Cell phone” heisst. Man lernt eben nie aus.
Zum Glück hat Franzi nicht gefragt, ob es in dem Raum einen Polylux gibt… 😉

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The idiosyncrasy strikes back

Franzi & I are watching a quiz show-sketch on Saturday Night Live, in which the candidates have to fill in the blank.

The riddle is:  “Luke, I am your … .”

At exactly the same time, we both shout: Potato.

“Luke, I am your potato”. Both of us.

Well, I guess that settles the question, if being exposed to the same random nonsense all the time influences your thought patterns…

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May the 4th Be with You

Franzi is at work, talking to one of her colleagues, who tells her: “When I get home I have to watch Star Wars with my boyfriend.”

Franzi:  “WHAAAAT? ME TOO!”* As they keep discussing about Jedi and if Jedi parents automatically get Jedi children, the entire office breaks into laughter.

One guy approaches them and says: “You just made the day of every nerd! Two beautiful girls talking Star Wars…”

* In case you were wondering: At the moment, we are watching all Star Wars movies, because Franzi hasn’t seen them yet, and I don’t want to answer all those stupid questions when she has to accompany me to the movies as soon as the new Star Wars movie is going to be released in December…

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