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The unlikely love of a koala & an otter


Red Passion

Today is our 12th anniversary. Franzi, the love of my life, etc etc.

But instead of confessing my everlasting love to her, and boring the hell out of everyone, I thought I give a bit of a backstory to that photo.

I consider this picture of Franzi one of the most precious photos I have ever taken, shot on the very day I told her for the first time that I loved her, and gave her the ring that is now her engagement ring. (While I was writing this, Franzi mentioned to me that I did not give her the ring but a pair of earrings that day. Thanks for destroying my fake precious memory! But I think I’ll leave it like that anyway, the story just sounds better like that. As they say: It’s not a lie if YOU believe it. Moving on…).

Getting there was not easy. Pretty much no one believed we would become a couple (including me). To phrase it politely: I was pretty good at being single (and that was way before Tinder), with not much intention of changing into couple-mode.

In addition to my own doubts, there were the doubts of, well, pretty much everyone else. People warned Franzi not to be with we me to begin with (but to be fair, for a good reason), not to visit me when I was studying abroad in Spain, and – after she did – definitely not to come back. BTW, thanks Mausi, still one of my favorite anecdotes next to the episode of you, me and that donkey in Morocco. That donkey still calls from time to time…).

When Franzi took a Spanish class back in Germany so she would be able to impress me with her rad language skills the next time she visited me, my own Spanish professor literally laughed at Franzi when she heard I was the reason she was doing it. And for foolishly thinking she would be able to keep me… I am not using “literally” wrong here. We’re talking laughing out loud in front of the class…!

So it was like the unlikely love of a koala and an otter: They might make a cute couple, but they live in 2 totally different environments… (Fun fact: If Koalas want sex, they wander aimlessly around for a while until they find somebody. If they don’t, they just give up and go back to sleep. I really like that analogy!)

Good thing Franzi did not listen, sharing the same philosophy I have as well: You hear everyone out, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.

Well, after traveling the world, moving to the other side of the planet, having a kid and sharing a wonderful life together, I think it safe to say: We might stand a fighting chance after all! 😉